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Why "Stillwaters" For Your Mental Health Therapy Needs?

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Therapy websites are notorious for serene images of nature - a pile of rocks, a pool of water with concentric ripples. Which is not really who I am or what I offer. I like nature as much as the next person - it's actually deeply important to me, but not in the "wellness culture", pile of perfectly symmetrical rocks, woo-woo healing type of way.

My vision for Stillwaters is to value nature not just for picturesque qualities, but for its ability to teach us about resilience, growth, and balance. Our practices and services are tailored and built to create a more authentic experience that reflects the real-world struggles and success of our patients.

Supporting You Through Life’s Challenges

What my current and past clients appreciate about me is my frankness and my willingness to look at the ugly, dark, and weird bits of life with honesty, compassion, curiosity, and humour. If my practice were not called Stillwaters, it was going to be called Square Peg Counselling, because those are my people - square pegs who are suffering because of the expectations that they conform themselves to round holes.

Similarly, the experiences of nature that resonate most with me are not perfectly piled rocks or clear pools of water, but the strange, the dark, the difficult. Experiences that make me look at myself and my place in things with honest eyes. I used to walk Vancouver's sea wall every day, and I loved the many moods of the ocean - playful and spraying tourists on a sunny day, or quiet and moody with dark swells pitted by rain. One wasn't better than the other, and I love the empty, rainy-day seawall as much as I love the jubilant July seawall.

Empowering Evidence-Based Therapy

At Stillwaters, we specialize in a wide range of mental health areas and needs, providing compassionate counselling for these specific practice areas:

  • General therapy

  • LGBTQ+

  • Anxiety and depression

  • ADHD

  • Autism

  • Couples

  • Grief and trauma

  • Substance use

We understand that everyone’s mental health journey is as unique as they are. Our empathetic and trained therapists will work closely with you to create your own treatment plan tailed to your needs and goals.

Choose Stillwaters for Compassionate and Experienced Therapists

I named my practice Stillwaters because of my deep pull towards looking beyond the surface. In my practice my goal is to reduce suffering through two paths: pragmatic, evidence-based interventions, and supporting introspection by going deep.

The phrase "still waters run deep" resonated with me because I think it speaks to both these paths: calming down the crashing waves and spraying at the surface to get to know the currents underneath, in search of stillness.

By combining our evidence-based therapies with a nurturing atmosphere, we empower our clients to overcome challenges, develop resilience, and achieve their enriching and sustainable goals for lasting, positive changes.

Choose Stillwaters as your mental health therapy partner, and embark on a transformative journey towards a happier, more balanced life. Schedule your free consultation online today in the Vancouver Area.


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