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Find the calm in the storm

In a few short months of working with Imogen, I was able to find practical tools to manage my anxiety and improve my quality of life. Imogen was warm, knowledgeable, and gave me hope that recovery from anxiety was possible.

Adam, 32

Meet the Team

Practice Areas

Practice Areas


ADHD & Autism

Support is available for challenges experienced by neurodivergent people, like social isolation and exclusion; and the feeling of "not quite fitting," as well as practical strategies to address the challenges that arise when interfacing with a world designed for a neurotypical mind.

Our approach affirms neurodivergence.


Find practical tools to stop anxiety from getting in the way, and get to know the core beliefs that contribute to your symptoms.


Trans* Affirming Care

Imogen specializes in providing affirming care to people with diverse genders, and works with reducing the pain of gender dysphoria. Hormone Readiness Assessments are also available.



Relationship Challenges


In a world of compulsory heterosexuality, it takes courage to look inward and recognize that your sexuality is unique. Several Stillwaters counsellors have lived experience in queer communities and utilize queer theory in their practice.

Support for low mood

Depression can make you feel hopeless and directionless. Our counsellors work with depression from a variety of approaches, including cognitive behavioural therapy, and work alongside you to help you re-connect to what matters to you.

Family and Intimate Relationships

Learn about how your past shapes how you show up in relationships today, and how to build satisfying relationships where you can be your best self.

Our counsellors work from an attachment lens. Imogen and Andrea have training in Emotionally Focused Family Therapy.

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