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Services for First Responders

At Stillwaters Counselling, we have deep respect for the hard work that police, fire and medical personnel do in service of our communities. We also recognize the personal impact this work may have on individuals and the need for a safe, confidential space to process challenging life events and to learn new skills to build resilience. Our experienced team of counsellors are here to provide the support that first responders need.


Relationship Challenges

We understand the impact high stres work can have on personal relationships. We offer comprehensive support to help improve relationship satisfaction and family life for first responders and their partners. Through our services, we help couples develop the necessary communication and coping skills to build healthier relationships.


Trauma and Critical Incident Stress

Serving your community shouldn't come at the cost of your quality of life. Trauma focused counselling for First Responders helps to manage the effects of Critical Incident Stress. We "help the helper" by providing a range of skills to help you find a sense of safety in your day-to-day life.


Chronic Stress and Burnout

At Stillwaters Counselling, we offer specialised counselling services for first responders to help first responders manage the unique pressures of their job. Our dedicated team of professionals provide tailored care to those who are feeling burnt out or exhibiting symptoms of chronic stress. We are committed to helping first responders find the resilience to cope with the stresses of their profession.

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